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What  if I told you can lose 10-15% of your body weight in 30 days for a cost of cake and coffee a day.

Restore your gut health and drop those extra kilos you have been carrying for a while.



The Trim4eva program gives you an easy to follow program of real food that will reshape the body and sets you up for developing strength, most people look like they've gone to the gym on this program when what they have done is heal their gut and reduced their fat stores, toxins and weight. Getting rid of the toxic fat stores first is the key to a great body and awesome energy and health. 

Weight loss & Gut health



If you are not one to exercise normally it is not recommended you start when doing this program. If you already have an exercise regime it is recommended you do not do any more than normal.

So heal your gut then you can go for it and maintain your amazing new self.

The program

How the program works



The program is successful where others fail because of the low calorie meal plan which is supported by the highest quality non-toxic nutrition on the market. The food is real, healthy and nutritious.  

*We can also make changes in the calorie intake to suite your lifestyle or work situation.

Primary reason


 The primary reason for the nutritional supplements is to balance your hormones – particularly your insulin levels. (Insulin being responsible for fat uptake in the cells – especially your liver cells).  Once your hormones are balanced your body can in fact learn to lose weight efficiently, and keep it off.  As well as the weight loss you will find your moods become more stable, anxiety levels decrease, your skin becomes clearer, your head and your thoughts become clearer, and your energy levels will soar. I no longer need a nanna nap in the afternoon – and it’s very liberating.




 Secondarily the nutrition is responsible for cleaning your gut. The vast majority of illnesses today stem from poor gut flora. 

Our program will clean up your gut, allow your villae (finger-like protrusions on the inner wall of your intestine responsible for increasing the surface area for absorption of nutrients into your blood stream) to stand up and work to their full potential. 



 Thirdly, the nutrition is responsible for keeping your skin’s elasticity after the weight loss.  

How long does it take?


 You follow a meal plan with all alkaline foods of the program for 30- 40 days (depending on how much weight you would like to lose) and then a further 21 days of “Maintenance” at a higher calorie intake. At this point if you still need to lose more weight we simply start again from the beginning, but we need the maintenance break as otherwise your body will “plateau” and stop losing weight.

Your body reshapes in the places where it is important. The chest, waist, hips and thighs.
Once the weight is off it is easily maintained and the program is a lifestyle you can follow to keep the weight off forever.


Food List & Meal Plans


 The menu plans have been designed by our nutritionist.
Our nutritionist is available if you have any concerns at any time. I am also available for support as you go along. I will help you all the way – I ask that you text me your weight each morning – the reason for this is 2-fold: (1) it means that I can see if the weight is moving as it should – or if we need to tweak the program for you, and (2) it means that you are accountable to me, and you will never feel the struggles alone, I am always there to help.


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