Athena Kondonis

What an awesome program to be involved in as it works on gut health and setting you up with life skills we should all know. I highly recommend the lovely Maria SG, who is extremely knowledgeable on the program, and although she runs a young family, she is always quick to respond to your needs and questions, and has an encouraging, warm, helpful, positive manner ....🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I highly recommend Maria. she made sure I have everything I needed to start my journey and made sure I'm actually taking the right way. thanks Maria

I recommend Maria , the most patient person i know , she listens to you and actually helps you succeed  , by being empathetic , you can't go wrong with trying this program , all you have to lose is weight and gain a healthy gut 

Israel Shtam   -  5 star

Love this program!!!
Maria was my mentor and she helped me loose 25kg in 2 rounds. I started 119kg and this morning I was 93.7kg. I feel great and getting a lot of complements about my new look.
I really believe in the program. If you follow the steps, you will get results!!!

Thanks Maria SG for the  support with my inner health routine! Perfect time of the year to keep my gut balanced and to keep my skin glowing with my favourite collagen from Modere products! Happy festive season! Happy me ☺️thxx

Margaret Latham  

I joined Phatt for the health benefits more than the weight loss. I have 3 autoimmune conditions and have been wanting to do an elimination diet for a long time so that I could work out the things that were causing inflammation in my body. However, I am vegetarian and gluten free, so diets like Keto, Paleo and AIP were not for me.                                                                    

Maria was incredibly helpful in recommending which supplements were right for me, and ensuring that everything I took was gluten free.                                                                     

I have felt so well on the program, and since. My blood work has shown that I am the best I have been in a long time, and my cholesterol is down. A huge thank you to Maria for guiding me through the program and being there every step of the way!    
By the way, I lost the 5 kg that I set out to lose.

Well where do I start? My wife heard about this Phatt diet and I said here we ago again another fad diet she'll(my wife) will go on it for a week or two and give it up like other times with other fad diets. Cutting to the chance, my wife ordered the supplements and prior to receiving them got sick. She forced me to take them not saying I was big lol 91.9kg and 5foot 8.
I started the journey with Maria texting me and asking how I was, how I felt ,is there anything I can help with ....and the kilo's started to  disappear. After  10 weeks I am know 83.5kg I have been to Xmas parties, yes I have has a beer or two but always back to the program, No sugar, no carbs.
Yes my wife has joined the program (3 weeks ago) and shed 4 kg and doesn't need to open cupboards or the fridge any more for a midnight snack or two..
We are both full of energy and we could not of done it without our Mentor.
A big thank you Maria we have a few more kilos to lose (8 and 12kg )we are safe in your hands and looking forward to 2019.

Maria, my mother-in-law would like to thank you for being her mentor through this amazing diet journey. She is so happy that she has reached a comfortable body weight.  It’s been very interesting for me as I helped her walk through the whole diet.  I then decided to follow the gut cleaning program which is an amazing program.  
Thank you Maria SG ❤️👌

Thanks for everything Maria. I am now fitting into my “before kids” clothes!! You have been a great mentor and keep us accountable!! Look forward to continuing on this journey with your support into the New Year 😍

Started Phatt on the 13th August 2018 and have lost 21kg.  A big thank you to Maria SG as without your support and your motivation I would not have been able to achieve this great result. 

The only thing I regret about doing this program is that I sat on the fence for way to long before committing to do it. Prior to starting this program I had gained nearly 10 kg in a year. I was sluggish, tired and had zero motivation. I was introduced to Maria through a mutual friend and that was my turning point. Maria encouraged me, without any pressure, to give it go. She answered every question and concern I had with well researched information and gave me the time I needed to assess the program and come to my own decision to give it a go. I lost 7kg in 5 weeks and I now have an abundance of stamina and motivation.

Thanks Maria SG)) you’ve been an incredible support and this has been an amazing program.

Thanks Maria SG for your assistance & help through the program & getting me back on track with healthy eating & lifestyle x